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The Root of Ourselves

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

As I witness the children play in the forest today this truth that we are "secretly a ruby embedded in granite" becomes more evident. The children, they haven’t forgotten yet. They haven’t yet had to create false identities to protect them from the threat of judgement, of not good-enoughness. They are shameless. Pure in their beingness, unafraid to sing a hymn to the trees or express their excitement for small stones and mossy hills and jelly mushroom brimmed branches. They look at me with their wild, love-struck eyes, expecting that I reflect that knowing back to them- that we are magic, that we are beauty, that we are real and safe in our bodies. It’s a constant call for me to do this work of shedding the layers of illusion that create confusion from this truth. Let’s not pretend we are anything other than gems, so our children are given permission to stay rooted.

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