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The Wizard School


The Wizard School is a movement in play-based education that believes myth, indigenous wisdom, land stewardship, and community is the goal of education. It is our calling to co-create a container that will foster communities of earth-custodians, wise-women, storytellers, shapeshifters, potion-makers, plant whisperers, spell weavers, singers, dancers, adventurers, tree-kissers, ecstatic lovers of all, etc. We do this through in-person forest and nature programs, and an online adventure-verse.

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Home School Classes Online

Our online classes meet in a mystical land where myth guides us through the paths of fairies, wizards, dragons, indigenous elders, animal guides, talking trees, and plant spirits. A live teacher will guide students throughout an immersive world with quests, lessons, and tales. This holistic approach to learning empowers and motivates students to access their inner wisdom, awaken the ancient DNA from their ancestors and unleash creativity, wonder and joy while making new friends.


We are reimagining technology and gaming as a gateway to create embodiment, sacred connection, and respect for our roles as indigenous earth stewards, wizards and heart-centered storytellers. We're excited to see where this weaving will take us!

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